Tourism Facts

  • The Michigan Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus celebrates its 43rd Anniversary in the year 2018.
  • Stand anywhere in Michigan and you are within 85 miles of a Great Lake.
  • The Mackinac Bridge is the world's longest suspension bridge.
  • Michigan has more freshwater coastline than any other state in the U.S.
  • Michigan has more public golf courses than any other state in the country - approximately 800 - and more golfers per capita than any other state.
  • Boasting more than 3,000 miles of multi-use trails, Michigan is #1 for rail trail miles in the nation. (, MTGA)
  • Michigan is #2 in the nation as a non-resident fishing destination, ranked by visiting anglers.
  • Michigan has more than 150 waterfalls and all but two of them are located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • With 2,478 of non-motorized trails, Michigan takes the lead as the #1 trail state in America. (, MTGA)
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