2018 MACVB Committees

This committee discusses strategy and works with the MACVB Executive Board and MLC lobbying team to move forward the legislative goals of the organization. This committee oversees Goal #2 of the MACVB Strategic Plan.

Meets on an as-needed basis or at least once per year to review the bylaws and suggest revisions as deemed necessary.

Meets monthly for six - eight months prior to the annual meeting. Responsible for overseeing the various aspects of the Educational Conference (i.e. site selection, speakers, entertainment, educational credits, sponsorship.) The Committee is expected to meet financial goals each year.

Meets once or twice annually to set the budget and review the dues structure for the organization.

Outdoor Recreation Conference
This committee works with Travel Michigan in a grassroots effort to boost the marketing of Michigan's fishing and hunting markets. The committee meets monthly or as designated by the committee chairs.

This committee oversees the elections process and meets to determine the annual slate of officers for the organization.

Public Relations/Awareness/Building Alliances - MACVB Goal #1 C
The goals of this committee include communicating the impact of MACVB to various audiences, increasing communication with legislators, enhancing alliances with others in the travel industry and creating talking points for MACVB members to utilize in various situations. The committee oversees Goal #1 of the MACVB Strategic Plan.

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